The Watch Bands We Know That Last

Throughout our years replacing worn watch bands (or watch straps), we've come to easily differentiate a quality watchband or watch strap from a sub-par watch band. We are proud to bring you a selection of the best quality watch straps from all over Australia and the world, to Adelaide. We choose to stock Duraflex Watchbands and Hirsch Bracelets as they are a true testament to time and the piece that keeps it. 

Whether you are looking for a fabric watch strap or a leather watch band, we are sure to have a range to suit your wrist, style and watch face. Come in store and speak to the experts in watches in Adelaide.

Hirsch Bracelets - Das Armband Seit 1765
For generations, Hirsch has been setting quality standard for bracelets for watches.  Each bracelet is made in original Hirsch quality from precious materials, ensures aesthetic visual impression and durability and is a pleasure to wear.

The bracelets developed & manufactured by Hirsch are the finest, the most advanced and the most richly detailed in the world.  The aim of all our development activity is to ensure longevity, comfort in wear and aesthetic appeal in all the situations in which a watch is worn by our customers.

Hirsch's knowledge of and feeling for bracelets for watches enable it to support the development activities of the watchmaking industry and specialist watch retailers as a professional partner.  Hirsch embodies a bracelet culture that is carefully safeguarded and passes on from generation to generation.
Duraflex Watchbands
Duraflex Watchbands are recognised as the most popular and widely stocked replacement watchband range in the Australian market.  Being the cornerstone brand of DGA for more than 45 years, Duraflex watchbands are renowned for being durable, stylish and affordable, and cover a wide range of fashion designs and fittings to suit watches from the leading watch companies of the world.

From high quality materials such as titanium, stainless steel, leather, polyurethane rubber, silicon and nylon the Duraflex range can accommodate most consumer and retailer requirements for replacement watchbands.

JJ Brown watchmakers have a huge range of Duraflex Watchbands in Adelaide. For the perfect watch strap, expertly fitted by quality watch repair tradesmen, speak to our experts today.

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Watch band advice from the Experts

What should you look for in a watch band?

The watch band you choose is a very individual decision, but we are here to help guide you in what is best suited to you and your lifestyle. For example, if you lead an active and busy lifestyle, a thicker and sturdier watch strap may be better suited to you. The most important aspect to look for in a watch band is quality, and at JJ Browns we only stock the highest quality watch straps.


What different types of watch straps are available?

At JJ Browns we stock Hirsch watch bands and Duraflex watch bands, as we believe these brands are the best on the market. The type of watch straps available include:

-       Titanium

-       Stainless steel

-       Leather

-       Polyurethane rubber

-       Silicon

-       Nylon

-       Caoutchouc

These materials have a huge range of colours, styles and textures to choose from.


How long should a watch band last?

The lifespan of a watch band is dependent on how often you wear it, what material it is made from, and how well you look after it. Leather bands need to be taken care of, some require waterproofing, and should avoid contact with water to extend their life. Even so, if you are wearing it everyday, it probably won’t last more than a few years. Less regular wear however, when it is taken care of, can last more than five years. Stainless steel and titanium watch straps, if taken care of, may never need replacing. Synthetic and rubber watch bands can last a long time, given that they are of high quality. Poor quality rubber bands are known to have quite a short life span.


Who can help you find the right band for you?

We can help you find the right watch band for you at JJ Browns. With years of experience replacing worn watch bands, we have the expertise to recommend the right watch strap for you.


At JJ Browns we ship all around Australia- see our shipping information for more details.

We also provide watch band replacement and adjustments services in our store. Not based in Adelaide? We can do replacements and adjustments anywhere in Australia via the post. Click to read more.

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