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Among the trusted brands of watches we include in our range, we sell; Rec Watches, Claude Bernard, Adina, Ball Watches, Casio G-Shock, Casio Baby-G, Danish Design, 88 Rue Ru Rhone, Daniel Wellington, Garmin, Mondaine, Titoni as well as Cactus watches for the kids and more in our walk-in Adelaide shop. 

We are proud to stock one of the widest ranges of G-Shock watches in Adelaide. Or if you are looking for quality Australian and Swiss Watches in Adelaide, we are sure to have the perfect timepiece for you. 

Looking for something in particular? Contact us, to see what we can do for you.

We also provide watch repairs, watch batteries, watch bands and maintenance services for all watches, modern and vintage. Find out more about watch repairs here

REC Watches

REC Watches

JJ Brown Watchmakers are proud to be the only South Australian stockist of REC Watches. Launched in 2014 out of Copenhagen Denmark REC Watches is the offspring of a passion for incredible timepieces, iconic cars... and aged whisky. Petrol heads and watch fanatics to the bone, our ambition with REC Watches is to transform passions into truly unique timepieces. 

Every REC timepiece incorporates salvaged, recycled iconic parts. A concept which REC named RECOVER, RECYCLE, RECLAIM - or just REC for short. They always strives to hit a perfect blend of distinctive designs, subtle references, handmade components, and fantastic storytelling! 

Adina watches
Adina Watches - Our Country. Our Watch.
Adina is Australia's only watch brand that designs and assembles it's complete watch collection here in Australia.

The brand was started in 1971 by watchmaker and current Managing Director Bob Menzies in Response to demand for watches that would with stand the rigors of the Australian way of life.

The brand has grown fro 3 models in the collection to over 600 with 20 employees, over 50% of whom are watchmakers or watchmaker apprentices, whilst being sold in approximately 1000 retail outlets including JJ Brown Watchmakers in Adelaide.

Ball Watches - Watches Adelaide. From JJ Brown Watchmakers in Adelaide. Watches Adelaide
Ball Watches - Official Standard Since 1891
JJ Brown Watchmakers are proud to stock Ball Watches in store in Adelaide and online Australia-wide. Ball offers precision timepieces with a rich history is engineering and the rail industry.  

On July 19, 1891, the General Superintendent of Lake Shore Lines appointed Webb C. Ball as Chief Inspector for the lines.

His early inspection system was the beginning of the vast Ball network that would encompass 75% of the railroads throughout the United States. It was the standard for the railroads; it was his system that helped establish accuracy and uniformity in timekeeping.

Today, Ball Watch is one of the most respected and established watch brands in the united States. Despite changes in appearance, the founding spirit of the brand – industrial function – is never compromised.

It is a vision that the ball family remain faithful to. For legions of men and women today whose split-second decisions keep the world ticking, it is a shared commitment.

Casio Watches - Watches Adelaide. From JJ Brown Watchmakers in Adelaide. Watches Adelaide
Casio Watches - G-Shock - Baby-G
Casio's corporate creed is "creativity and contribution."  It expresses the company's commitment to contributing to society by offering the kind of original, useful products that only Casio can.

Products with innovative function assist people in their daily lives and keep society moving forward. They also bring joy to people and help to create new culture. When even a single new product is widely adopted, whole new markets develop, and this in turn fosters growth in related industries.

This is the story of Casio's contribution to society – innovative products enhancing peoples lives.

JJ Brown Watchmakers are proud to stock a wide range of G-Shock in Adelaide.

Classique - Swiss Watches Since 1967
Classique watches possess a distinctive and unmistakable personality. Fashions may change, but Classique watches retain that unique characteristic of ageless validity.

Classique's wide range of watches include his & hers watches (including the latest of European design), ladies fashion watches, ceramic watches, solid gold watches, opal watches, marcasite watches, divers watches, chronographs as well as pocket and pendant watches.

All watches are manufactured using the highest quality of materials and are fitted with a Swiss quartz movement.

A wide range of dials are available for most models to suit everyone's taste. There is a Classique to suit every occasion.

Classique Website →

Claude Bernard - Swiss Made Watches
One of the few remaining independent Swiss watch companies, Claude Bernard has produced quartz and mechanical watches at its original building in the picturesque village of Les Genevez in the Swiss Jura since 1973.

Our aim is not to preserve the traditions of Swiss watch making but to innovate and expand on that tradition. Claude Bernard timepieces are manufactured from the finest materials, to the highest standards. Each watch is engineered to run for a lifetime, with every single Claude Bernard timepiece being hand-made, honoring a centuries-old tradition.

Visit us in our Adelaide store to try on one of the finest Swiss made timepieces.

Daniel Wellington Watches

The story behind Daniel Wellington begins with a trip half way around the globe where Filip Tysander, the founder of Daniel Wellington, met an intriguing gentleman from the British Isles. The man had the inspiring ability to be genteel but still relaxed and unpretentious. He had an impeccable style and loved to wear his watches on old weathered NATO straps. His name? Well, Daniel Wellington, of course.

The Daniel Wellington watch is without any doubt suitable for every occasion. Regardless if you are attending a black tie event, playing a game of tennis or enjoying a sunny day at the beach club – the Daniel Wellington is a beautiful companion.

All of our watch faces are specially designed and developed so that they go perfectly with the thin NATO and leather straps you can order them with. As all of our straps are interchangeable, you can have a different watch for every day of the week.

We have a large range of Daniel Wellington watches on display in our shopfront in Adelaide, including the 'Dapper' and 'Classic Black' collections. If you are looking for the perfect Daniel Wellington online, simply visit our online store.

Mondaine - Swiss Watches
Mondaine Watch Ltd. was founded in 1951 by Erwin Bernheim and is managed today by his sons Ronnie and André Bernheim.  It unites the brands Mondaine, Camel Active, M-Watch as well as Luminox.  The assembly of these watches takes place in the Mondaine factory in Biberist/Switzerland, where also private labelled watches are assembled.

Mondaine represents affordable luxury. The Mondaine timepiece design is distinct, clean, easy to read and immediately identifiable thanks to its signature red second hand - all superb selling points for retailers and high demand features for consumers.  The timepieces are crafted of high quality material and are Swiss made.

Mondainbe Watch Ltd. is the creator of the Official Swiss Railways Watch collection, luanched over 20 years ago. Inspired by the Swiss Railways clocks, which have indicated the precise time at all Swiss train stations for more than 60 years, these Mondaine watches put this iconic clock on the wrist.

Danish Design - Pure Scandinavian Style
With their unique contemporary design, JJ Brown Watchmakers is proud to stock exclusive Danish Design watches in Adelaide. Danish Design watches are available in our Adelaide city-based store and online. 

The logo with the "double D" symbolises the unique world of design on every Danish Design watch.  The simple, elegant and non-obtrusive characteristics are not only the forms of the DD models but also the used end materials.

Stainless steel, high-tech ceramic, anti-allergic titanium, tungsten, anti-allergic PVD coated cases and mineral or scratch-resistant sapphire glasses will contribute to the comfort of wearing.

To learn more about Danish Design watches to try them visit our team today. 

Garmin – activity trackers and smart watches

Garmin designs products specific to automotive, aviation, marine, outdoor and sports in line with their motto ‘built to last’. They are committed to making superior products that are an essential part of peoples’ lives.

JJ Brown Watchmakers is proud to stock a range of Garmin wrist-worn devices – including activity trackers and smart watches. These watches provide both style and practicality, no matter your fitness level.

These Garmin products contain features such as heart rate technology, oxygen level monitoring and other physiological metrics, as well as acting as an altimeter, barometer, compass and GPS pilot.


is an independent brand of Swiss luxury watches, launched by Pierre et Elie Bernheim. Grandsons of the notorious Swiss watchmaker, Raymond Weil, they combined their talents, expertise and watch making know-how to create their own brand. These two entrepreneurial spirits have set out to offer consumers an elegant selection of watches balancing Swiss excellence and contemporary designs, tradition and innovation.

The number 8 carries with it a rich and diverse array of connotations. Considered a lucky number in Asian cultures, the number eight symbolizes good fortune, ambition and power. Doubled, soothsayers see it as a four-leaf clover, which is also a widespread symbol for good luck. In the 88 RUE DU RHONE logo, the double 8 represents the face of a watch with the hands indicating 10:10, a nod to the watch making tradition. When positioned horizontally, the eight is the mathematical sign for infinity, thanks to the endless flow of curves that feed into one another, forever.

88 Due Du Rhone Website 

Titoni – Swiss hand crafted watches

Titoni is a family-owned company, creating Swiss watches since 1919. Their product design combines the art of traditional watchmaking with the latest technology to provide classic timepieces. JJ Brown Watchmakers is thrilled to introduce Titoni to our collection.

The company is in its third generation, with Daniel Schluep leading the company under the motto ‘life is a circle, so is time’. Titoni considers the tradition of their founder and grandfather – with hand-crafted elements still part of their watch manufacture. Titoni timepieces provide high quality as a standard. Now 30% off all remaining in-store stock. Get in quick before they all go.

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