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A mechanical watch contains over 150 moving parts, so it is no wonder that when watches need repair, it requires the skills and knowledge of an expert. 

At JJ Brown Watchmakers, we have a team of qualified watchmakers who specialise in watch repairs, maintenance and restoration. We pride ourselves on the quality of our work and offer a 12 month guarantee on every service. 

We are one of Adelaide’s oldest and most trusted repairers, with over 40 years servicing watches from around South Australia. 

In our 40 years we have come across a very wide variety of watch brands and can therefore repair and service a wide range of watches including high-end brands such as Ball Watches and Tag Heuer. We are one of the leading repairers of Tag Heuer watches in Adelaide. We have access to watch parts for most swiss watches in Australia. We can assist with fixing in the inner mechanisms of the watch, Watch Glass replacement, as well as replacement watch bands for our customers across Australia.

Speak to us to see how we can help you with a no obligation quote on your watch repairs.

Tag Heuer Watch Repairs

JJ Brown Watchmakers have been servicing Tag Heuer watches for over 40 years. We have experience with most models and are able to source parts quickly, thanks to our strong relationship with the Brand. 

We are also the trusted Tag watch repairer for many of Adelaide’s largest department stores. Why not bring your Tag Heuer watch to us and experience the JJ Brown craftsmanship and watch repairs for yourself. 

Is watch maintenance the same as watch repairs?

Maintenance refers to the regular or preventative care of your watch. Watch repairs are usually required when the timepiece has sustained damage to the movement, exterior or case. Often maintenance is a good way to avoid the need for certain watch repairs in the future.

Watch Maintenance and Cleaning

Adelaide premier watch repairs by true experts

Much like a vehicle, regular preventive maintenance of your timepiece ensures it will always perform at it's very best. 

The JJ Brown Watchmaker team perform all watch services to the highest of standards. We professionally carry out;

  •      Preventive Maintenance Servicing of Watches,

  •      Quartz Battery Changes,

  •      Wristwatch Band Adjustments,

  •      Seal Checks,

  •      Re-Timing Services,

  •      Cleaning.

To ensure your timepiece remains timeless, we recommend a service every 5-7 years.  Please check your owner's manual for your manufacture's recommended maintenance schedule. 

Our watch repair services include pressure testing, Tag Heuer watch repairs and battery replacements. We also offer watch repairs online, via postage.

Contact us today and find out how we can help you and care for your watch.

Our Workmanship Guarantee

We’ve built our reputation on our commitment to quality. We take professional responsibility for our work, offering a 12 month guarantee on major maintenance and watch repairs performed by JJ Brown Watchmakers.

For a no obligation quote to repair your Swiss watch, or any watch brand, come in and speak to a specialist today

Fixed Price Quotes

Our fully qualified watchmakers have extensive experience in repairing and maintaining everything from antique wristwatches to brand new luxury watches and anything in-between. 

The team is always happy to talk through your requirements with you, providing you with a free, fixed price quote upon inspection of your timepiece.

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